Charging Systems for Hire

Dual 7KW systems ready to Hire

EV Charging Rentals have pre-configured charging for passenger vehicles and light commercials ready to hire

Plug and Play AC charging

Need a quick drop in solution?

EV Charging Rentals dual 7kW self contained charging system is quickly deployed and plugs into a 32A 3 Phase 415V socket outlet.

Great for workshops, car yards, construction/mine sites, events and functions.

Fully monitored with Tap, Pay and Charge configuration available for user pay deployment.

DC charging systems 20KW or 40KW 800V rated for car, bus or truck charging.

Simple DC Charging

DC charging systems available in 32A plug top supply or 63A plug top supply ready to plug and play.

Full billing and fleet reporting software included, RFID or app usage.

Need a 3 phase outlet?

We can install as ready for your rental use.

Ready to plug and play

EV charging rentals have the Kempower T series units with CCS2 lead ready to go.

If you need DC charging for an event or short time use we can deliver to your site ready to go.