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Ready-to-use and hire chargers for electric cars, truck or buses.
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EV Charging Rentals Service
Intro EV Charging Service

Plug-and-Play Charging Systems for Hire

EV Charging Rentals

Looking for a plug-and-go EV charging system for hire? Rent AC and DC EV chargers from leading brands anywhere in WA with EV charging systems for hire.

We offer two models of electric vehicle chargers, both AC and DC, available for hire. Whether you need an AC EV charger rental or want a ready to use DC charging system for hire for cars, trucks, or buses, we have the solution for you.

Pre-Configured Charging Stations Ready for Immediate Use

Our rental AC and DC charging units are an instant solution to help organisations fulfill their charging needs without the major capital costs. Rental units are plug and play configured with remote management, billing ability for public users and detailed fleet reporting.
AC EV Charger Rental   

7.4kW Schneider Electric AC Charger

Need a drop-in AC EV Charger Rental? Our premium EV charging systems for hire are your one-stop solution. Our self-contained charging system is ideal for car yards, workshops, mine/construction sites, and events. With a fully monitored tap, pay, and charge configuration, EV charger rental with us is straightforward and convenient.

DC EV Charger Rental  

Kempower DC T-Series 800V Mobile Charger

We offer premium DC charging systems for hire available in 32A plug-top supply or 63A plug-top supply. Our systems are ready to plug and play, offering you a smooth charging experience. Need DC charging for an event? We can deliver a premium ready-to-go DC charger to your site, even with minimal notice.

Our Rental Process How to Rent an EV Charger

Premium EV charging systems for hire in just three easy steps. 

EV Charging Rentals Service

1 Contact Us

If you want to rent an AC or DC EV charger, simply give our team a call or fill out our online form.

2 Sign the Hire Agreement

Once we determine the EV charger you need, sign our hire agreement and you’re ready to start charging.

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Delivery and Pickup

3 Delivery and Pickup

Need freight? Our team can arrange freight or pickup for our depot available.

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Take Advantage of Charge Up Workplace Grants

Why Choose EV Charging Systems

Long and Short-Term Rental Options 

Our EV charging systems offer both short term and long-term rental periods, offering you a customised charging solution to meet your exact needs.

Unique Value 

Our AC and DC Ev charging systems for hire are a first in Australia. They provide a cost effective short or long term solution without the capital cost ensuring that you can keep charging when you need to.

Convenience and Flexibility

We maximise convenience by offering flexible arrangements, easy plug and charge service, and the chance to try out EV chargers without full commitment.

About UsWA's Leading Experts in EV Charging

EV Charging Systems is your complete EV charging system solution. Fully owned and operated in WA, we aim to be your trusted local EV charging specialists.  

Throughout Western Australia, our in-house specialist electricians provide turnkey solutions for individuals or commercial or corporate organisations across the AC and DC charging sectors.  

We’re partnered with leading brands to offer you premium, tailored EV charging system solutions, including plug-and-play AC or DC charging systems for hire.

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Ridiculous Testimonials

City of Subiaco

Your staff are exceptional, in their ethic and communication. You should be proud of them for being the ambassador they are. I have had numerous comments from the management team here.

Will Smits

Had an Evnex home charger installed and very happy with the quality, features and ease of use. The pre-sales and installation was hassle free and the staff were friendly and responsive to our questions. Left site clean and tidy. Definitely recommend EV Charging Systems if you are after an EV home car charger. Thank you.

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From EV station installs to charger repairs and maintenance and more. Contact us today to speak with one of our licensed EV electricians and get your charging needs sorted.